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e-design: look book

The Look Book is kitchen, bath, and room design delivered to your inbox. It's design service for clients who want to manage their own project at their own pace, with a little help.  Because it's all done online, it's available to anyone, anywhere.  


full service interior design

Based in Marquette in Michigan's Upper Peninsula I offer design services for new builds, renovations, and single room design. 

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I'm a licensed contractor and this serves me in understanding the construction side of design. I work closely with area contractors and architects to deliver the function and look my clients are after.

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It's best to invite me to get involved with your project early on during the planning phases: small adjustments to the blueprints to accommodate for kitchen design elements, lighting placement and so many other details are easy to change on paper but more challenging to adjust once the home or building is erected. 

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Can't decide on paint color?  Stumped choosing the stone, brick or siding for your home's exterior?  No question is too small, and the first half hour is free for residents of Marquette and surrounding areas.  

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home refresh

Whether you’re selling your home and need it to look it best, or if you have furniture and accessories you love but can’t quite put it together, I offer a home refresh service. Sometimes furniture and art placement adjustments and edits are all that a space needs to make it a comfortable, inviting home.