For clients who wants to manage their own project at their own pace but would like a design plan to get them going in the right direction, I offer the "Look Book," a comprehensive design scheme tailored for the client and their space.  The client shares with me, through email, images of their current space so that I can access the architecture and learn what's working for them and what's not.  They share with me how they want to use the space and send along images of spaces they love (Pinterest boards are great for helping me to figure out the client's unique style).  They also provide detailed measurements of the space and photos of the room and house exterior (for reference of the house's architecture and location, which sometimes dictate the design).  A video walk through is also very helpful. From there, I pull together the Look Book.

What it includes:


A computer aided rendering and virtual video walk-through of the finished room, allowing the client to get a better feel of recommended cabinet size, lighting placement, etc..

Screenshot (551).png


Especially important for kitchen and bath design, a detailed plan complete with elevation drawings.

Hertenstein Wagner Kitchen Range Side Elevation.png


a photo communicating the finishes and textures recommended for the room.

Screenshot (81).png


A shopping list with links of recommended selections, some with a high and low option.

Screenshot (626).png

The Look Book is e-mailed to the client, at which point he or she can make it happen!  I offer 60 day support after e-mailing the Look Book.  This means I’m there to answer questions through texts, e-mails, or phone calls as they come up through the renovation process.