With human form and the rawness of organic textures and contrast as inspiration, I largely create abstract oil paintings with a duck cloth collage foundation. I love neutral, natural color palettes and I consider the space the art will reside in when creating it.

commissions and available work

I largely work by commission, creating readily available work when I can. Feel free to contact me for what’s currently available.

The commission process is first, determining the dimensions for the piece. I can assist you if you’re unsure of what size would best suit the space it is intended for.  I will ask for a photo of the space and the dimensions and we’ll discuss the options.  Second, I will ask that you share with me one or two previously created pieces that particularly speak to you and determine if your piece should lean more figurative or abstract. Once this information is established, I’ll send an invoice which states all of the information. I ask for half down or full payment, whichever you prefer.

Upon completion of the piece I’ll send images for your approval. If slight revisions are desired I’ll make those changes.